do I apply?
Fill out the form below and send it with a copy of the Bill of sale, Drivers Licence, Ownership, Insurance Liability Slip email: or FAX (519) 601-5999
Auto Loan
Auto Focus Canada specializes in clients with credit challenges. We require a minimum down payment of $1,000 and have basic criteria to get approved for automobile financing fast!
Canadian citizen.
Minimum 3 months on the job or greater than 2 years in the same industry and currently employed in the same industry.
Full time employment.
Earn a minimum of $1,800 gross per month.
Valid driver's license and you can get insurance.
Not for private party purchase, motor homes or motorcycles or commercial vehicles.
We will contact you very shortly and discuss how we can help you. Try now! It's free.
* All vehicle registrations must be in the applicant’s name and be registered in the province of Ontario. All Auto loans include the installation of a mandatory GPS tracking device, valued at $599 and is included as part of the loan. The installation, monitoring service and removal of the tracking device is included at no charge. A $120 lien registration is included as part of the net finance amount. Interest rates starting from 29.99% APR. Applicant must have a bank account and monthly payment dates are either 1st, 15th or 20th of the month through preauthorized debit. Bi-weekly payment plans are not offered.

Marital Status
Have you ever declared Bankruptcy or had a Consumer Proposal?


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